Saturday, October 4, 2008


I did the annual 13 km ruck march yesterday, followed by a 100 m fireman carry and a simulated trench dig. This event is part of the annual fitness testing that we do and is mandatory.

It went much smoother this year compared to last year. My fitness level is higher this year so the march was much less painful and the other tasks were easier. The temperature was lower which also helped. Last year I drank 4 bottles of water during the event but this year I managed to get through with only one bottle and a juice drink box.

I'm glad it's over for the year and feel pretty good about my overall level of fitness. The half marathon training is still paying dividends. I'm a little sore today but not to the extent that I can't enjoy the day.

Now the rucksack is safely stored in my basement until next year and I'm starting to think about winter fitness activities. I have taken a long break from the gym but am starting to think about resuming the fitness activities that I was doing last winter. I felt pretty good about the ab workouts and the toning exercises so they will probably be part of my fitness routine again this year. More to follow in the coming weeks.