Saturday, November 22, 2008

My eyes hurt

Last night my eyes hurt from watching too much TV. Maybe I shouldn't be sitting three feet away from a TV that is sized for a 10 foot room.

Hmmm... time to rearrange the furniture and then get back to watching. Love the colour and the sound from this TV. Now I'm kicking myself from waiting so long to buy a decent set. The old TV is in the kitchen but I'm not sure if I'll connect it or not. Maybe it would be good to watch cooking shows while I'm cooking. Don't laugh - I do cook once in a while.

Not much snow here compared to southern Ontario. Just a skiff on the ground but I bought a new toque, scarf and mitts anyway.

1 comment:

chrisrawk said...

so, what TV did you choose? did you get DVD player too? is the Xbox360 next?