Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Thrift Week

January 17 to 24 is national thrift week in the blogosphere. If you want to join in, try celebrating this way:

  • Have a Bank Account Day
  • Invest Safely Day
  • Carry Life Insurance Day
  • Keep a Budget Day
  • Pay Bills Promptly Day
  • Own Your Home Day
  • Share with Others Day


Eric said...

Dear BB,

It has been quite a while since you wrote. Thanks for the news about national thrift week. Do you have any thoughts on the budgeting software "You Need a Budget"?? I have been thinking about getting something to make my money management better.

chrisrawk said...

Um, does buy a new TV day fit in somewhere? Futureshop had a good price on a LG 42 inch LCD...