Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Investing classroom

If anyone is interested in learning more about investing, there are some great tutorials available at Morningstar. Here's the link:


Please let me know once you have finished all 172 of the courses so that I can call you up to ask for advice. I'm too lazy to do the courses myself. lol


chrisrawk said...

hi ~ I'll check out that link when we get internet hooked up (prolly on the 12th). We're on Vancouver Island right now for some RnR ... and we'll send you some pics tonight or tomorrow.

chrisrawk said...

I'll check these out ... I'm totally clueless when it comes to money!

Cycling Potato said...

Very good advise, Balcony Babe. The main benefit from budgeting is it forces you to look realistically at your cost of living, and enables you to seperate the must haves, from the postponable, from the truly optional.

And your idea of cost comparisons is a good one as well. Recently I read a comparison of prices of basic food stuff across Canada. For example, the same package of rice ranged from $1.70 to over $7!!!

I have found two great savings in Courtenay. Gas for car - don't need to drive as live within walking distance of the town centre. Heating for apartment - turn off electric heating and rely on neighbours to heat the whole building.

Cycling Potato said...

Last month I put my Visa card in a drawer and surprisingly only had to dig it out once. So my Visa bill tht I received today is only$151.74 and $55 of that is the Shaw Cable bill. If it had been in my wallet I probably would have a bill of over $500. I can think of several things that I would have bought if I had the Visa card, but none of it is necessary, and I don't miss anything. There is a moral here somewhere.

chrisrawk said...

Good tip Cycling Potato - I recently used my visa to buy some beer. I felt like a loser to use credit to pay for alcohol!