Saturday, May 2, 2009

Army run 2009

I registered for the Army Run 2009 half marathon today. Yesterday I went for a run with the guys from work and found it very difficult. I haven't done any physical activity for the last two months since I was away from home and was busy with the academic work on the course that I was doing. I can't wait to get back in shape but the next few weeks are definitely going to hurt. Oh well, just have to take it one foot step at a time.

Now I am in my post-exercise recovery phase which means drinking coffee and sitting on my deck. lol


chrisrawk said...

What kind of exercise gear do you use (shoes, lycra, sweats, other things)? Our apartment is right on a popular biking/jogging route - and I see all sorts of high-tech and cool looking gear.
For my bike riding I wear Colombia light-weight hikers (summer ones with mesh for cool air flow), I have some bike shorts (spandex padded inner shorts and tough nylon outer shorts) and on top I wear soccer jerseys or lulu lemon sports shirts to handle the liters of sweat. If it's breezy, I wear a cheap polyester jacket - a cheap knock-off of Adidas poly zip-ups.

patricia said...

I sit hope that balancing a glass of wine while sitting on my ball qualifies as intense exercise. Otherwise I am toast!

chrisrawk said...

Oh, I want to share some good news - I've lost weight! The biking has really paid off for me this spring. J and I made a trip to The Gap yesterday to buy some new, smaller jeans.