Monday, August 11, 2008

Triathlon in BC

Does anyone know of a website listing triathlons in BC? Maybe in Vancouver or somewhere else on the coast?


chrisrawk said...

I saw a web site for an adventure race group out there - ...

On another topic, it's been 35 to 42 C for the last few weeks here. prolly 80 ~ 100% humidity. Time to head to a beach! So that's what we are doing - going to the beach this weekend. Will bring our bikes and send some photos later.

Eric said...

Dear BB,

What are the distances I need to train for to do a triathlon?? running?? Swim?? Bike?? Let me know especially the running so I can get into the right running class.

Balcony Babe said...

Hi Eric,
It would be great to have you as a long distance training partner. There are different distances that you can race when you do a triathlon. I would like to do a short one but will have to research it a bit more before I will have an idea of what distance I would like to do.

Are you interested in starting a training program? If so, which sport do you think you'd like to start with? I'm doing running now and think that I might switch to swimming this winter while maintaining my running at the level that it is at. My gym also offers spinning classes over the winter which can be a great way to keep the legs in shape.

I guess the trick is to find a fitness routine that is fun but doesn't lead to burnout or injury. Easy to say, hard to do. lol

Eric said...

Dear BB,
As far as starting a sport I should start running as I am weakest in running and swimming in that order (my cycling needs quite a bit of work also). Starting with running will allow me to get started training on that before the winter pushes me into warmer workouts.
As soon as you decide on distances that work for you let me know and I will train for those distances. Until then I will start some general fitness level training. Keep me in the loop, eh;