Sunday, August 10, 2008


The YayBoo comments seem to have a triathlon theme. Anyone care to train with me (via long distance of course). We could meet in some exotic location to complete a race and then kick back in vacation mode after.

Calling all friends - let me know if you are interested. Otherwise, I probably won't do a triathlon in the next year.


chrisrawk said...

I'm not in shape - and I doubt I could get in shape in a year. But I love the idea ~ and I am 100% willing to meet you in an exotic location to train. Then you do the race and I'll pass out the water to you. Deal? Or no deal?

chrisrawk said...

My gym membership ran out today. Not going to join again b/c I'm leaving my job in 10 days or so. I hope to join a gym in my neighborhood in 11 days or so... ;)

Still too hot and humid to ride my bike here. This summer the temperatures in Korea have been insane --- INSANE! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Eric said...

I am not sure about races in BC but I am up for the training do you have any suggestions for a programme? Have you considered joining a local Cops For Cancer type group? I know at least one person who trained with them for the Canada Iron Man triathlon a couple of years ago. (Canadian Iron Man in Penticton I believe).

Eric said...

With regard to chrisrawk's comment about it being too hot and humid to ride the bike... has he tried training for the swim portion of the triathlon?? That is something you can do on vacation at a decent seaside resort. Practice swimming against the tide.(but of couse be safety concious while your at it eh.

chrisrawk said...

hi Eric, I think I'll stay out of the water - the area I'm going had a huge oil spill last year. Good suggestion, otherwise.

Next week I'm starting at a new gym, and they have a swimming pool. But I don't think I'll use it.

Koreans have a nack at making rules that make it very hard to enjoy things. To swim there I have to pay almost $200 / month. Ok, fair enough.

But I have to also wear the proper equipment - which is a speedo, swim cap and goggles. Swimming trunks are NOT allowed because they are "un-hygenic".

Ok, I could still do it if I didn't mind buying/wearing those things.

But, to top it off, they don't have any "free swim" time. I would have to join a class and be "coached".

So, f~~k it! That's why I always pefered riding my bike to gyms here - it's so much easier than dealing with the regulations and rules.

Eric said...


I guess we will have to get you into Canada so you can join us in training!! BTW has anybody checked their blood pressure lately?? Mine is about 96/68 at 65 bpm pulse. (That is as close to a resting measurement as I can get.) Do you guys check yours very often or not??

Balcony Babe said...

Hi Eric,
I haven't checked mine recently. What range is healthy, do you know?

chrisrawk said...

Haven't checked mine lately either...