Thursday, May 8, 2008


30 min elliptical
30 min stairmaster

My motivation is going down. So is my appetite. My shorts and trousers are falling off despite having belts. Can't wait to go home and get some new clothes for spring. Something that fits.


Cycling Potato said...

Remember to post your measurements before you leave K. Last posting was March 8.

patricia said...

It is so good to be able to read your blog again! We arrived home last evening and we too need new clothes - but for the opposite reason. Too many bottles of wine and pastries sampled on the holiday has led to ' avoir du poids' for both of us. Hmm. Wish we had your skinny dilemma instead:)

chrisrawk said...

pants dont fit? low motivation? maybe your body is telling you to slow down and enjoy a burger and a beer (or 3).

chrisrawk said...

when you get home, check out Banana Republic ~ Jessie and Hyoe Soon went shopping there on the weekend and got some very nice styles. And, best of all, they got me a cool t-shirt! :)