Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's great to be home

I got home late at night on Wednesday and had Thursday off to chill. Didn't do much on Thursday except wake up really early, walk to Tim Hortons where unexpectedly my friend met me (she was up really early too). Friend from the same plane ride home, just as happy as me to be back. Then I called home, bummed around, had my car fixed up and registered, bought some clothes (hurray spring sales), ate pizza and went to bed really early. I love Thursday in Canada.

Friday I went to work for a couple of hours, along with all my friends who also woke up really early. Did some paperwork, listened to the padre talk about watching for warning signs of behaviour changes and then went home for the afternoon. After changing into civvy clothes went to do errands. First stop liquor store- $188. Then grocery store - $191. Then plant store (aka nursery) $95. Girl`s got to take care of the basics you know. Anyway, then I chilled out for the evening. I love Friday in Canada.

Saturday is here. Woke up really early. It was raining out so I had breakfast and drank coffee for a couple of hours while surfing the internet. My TV signal isn`t working since I have to go up the ladder and point the dish, haven`t been bothered to do that yet. After a while I went out in the rain to have a peek at the yard and noticed that the rain barrel wasn`t taking in water and there was a pool of water collecting next to the foundation of my house. Searched around for a screw driver to fix the rain barrel filter and after solving the water-by-the-foundation problem decided to stay outside and do some weeding in the yard. The ground was nice and soft from the rain and the weeds came up easily. Then I moved to the front yard and put some plants in the ground from yesterday`s shopping spree. Chatted with the neighbour for a while. He`s been in Afghanistan before and didn`t think that I was weird for hanging out in the rain. Don`t know what the rest of the neighbours thought but they didn`t come out to complain so I don`t care too much.

After a while I went inside and dyed my hair (bought the dye yesterday). Like I said, girl`s got to look after the basics. Anyway, then I had a second breakfast and am working on a Kahlua and milk drink that is going down very well. The sun has come out and I think I`ll go put the rest of the plants into the ground. Here`s a before shot.

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patricia said...

Hair dye? $188 at the liquor store and a good amount at the nursery? New clothes? The padre was right to warn you about watching for changes in behavior - my guess is that you are definitely showing signs of being glad to be home!! Aren't we fortunate that CANADA is our home!!!