Tuesday, June 10, 2008

running clinic

Today was the first day of the running clinic that I signed up for through the Running Room. My goal race is the Toronto Waterfront half marathon which is held in the last week of September. My last half marathon was in 2004 and the time was 2:01:some seconds. I was quite disappointed that I didn't finish under 2 hours and also hurt my knee during the training and it took six months to heal completely.

This time I want to finish under 2 hours and do it injury free. So far the run club is fun. There are about 20 people signed up for the clinic and they are all different abilities. Several have done previous clinics and seem to like going from one race to another with their friends. I haven't been to the Wednesday or Sunday group runs yet but will try them when I get back from vacation.

Surprisingly, the mileage isn't very high. The training schedule calls for five days a week of running but the mileage is only 3 or 4 Km runs except for Sundays which are 7 km. After the first month the mileage picks up sharply so hopefully I`ll be in a solid training mode by that time.

One thing that I need is a new pair of shoes. The ones that I have are hurting my legs and I know that they are at the end of their useful life.

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