Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleep and more sleep

Weigela's are rumoured to be excellent for attracting humming birds. I haven't seen any hummers yet but the flowers are beautiful and I'm enjoying looking at the shrubs. The little mini W's in the front yard almost died over the winter so they aren't doing much to enhance the garden, but the bushes in the back yard seem to be doing very well.

The iris are past their prime but other plants are coming into bloom now so the garden is still pretty.I arrived home late last night and then poked around the house for a little while checking the papers and having a snack. I didn't feel especially tired but apparently it caught up with me and this morning I slept in until 10 AM. Right now I am dragging around the house taking my time getting started.

On the bright side, the garden is in bloom and looks great.

The small number of strawberry plants that I have are producing an amazing amount of fruit. Last year I moved the plants to a different planting bed because they were sending out so many runners that I was worried the neighbours would complain that the plants were intruding on their yard. If the growing season goes well, I should have enough plants and runners to make jam next year. The birds haven't eaten the fruit yet but I have bird nets purchased from Lee Valley that I can install over the bed if my avian friends become a nuisance.


chrisrawk said...

YUM! What will you bake with the berries?

patricia said...

What a fruitful garden, pun intended! I am coming to see the hummingbirds when they arrive and to have some strawberry jam.