Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fitness wagon

Babe is back on the fitness wagon. I finally carved some time out of my work day to go to the gym. My arrangement is that my supervisor goes first thing, and I go at 9 AM which is perfect because the gym and shower rooms are almost empty at that time. No one else in my section goes for PT. They are allowed time but they don't want to. They don't take breaks either and I don't mind eating lunch at my desk and skipping breaks, but I do want to get some exercise each day so I'm taking a fitness hour every morning.

I'm definitely suffering from a summer of laziness but it won't take long to get back in shape. By the end of August I had already lost the five extra pounds that I was carrying around since the spring and soon I will feel an energy boost from regular exercise.

Tuesday - treadmill 30 min - forgot shower shoes but showered anyway

Wednesday - treadmill 30 min - incline program - remembered shower shoes, forgot towel, used paper towel

Today - light weights, squats and abs - remembered everything and had a good workout plus a good shower

I ran into my old boss in the gym- as in I worked for him in Comox, not that he is old, although he IS OLD, but I digress. We chatted for a bit and he told me how fabulous his career is and how much he likes his job. He didn't crack a smile though so I think he was lying to himself a little bit. I just smiled and wished him well.

Can't wait for tomorrow. I already have my PT gear packed and am ready to go.

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