Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brain power

I have a Wii. It was not easy to find because both Future Shop and Best Buy were sold out of the consoles. Finally I went to Zellers and they came through with a game system that was tucked away on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in the back of the electronics department.

Last night I played Big Brain Academy and have discovered the awful truth that my brain is not very big. I also discovered that I am hooked. My intention to play for an hour or two stretched into a marathon session. What's a girl to do? There's only one thing that I can do - stock up the cupboards with snacks and drinks so that I don't have to leave the house to get food. That way I can play longer without stopping.

So Chris... what games do you recommend? I thought that the Scarface one looked interesting but wanted to ask you first. Cheers.


Chris said...

congrats! if you can somehow get a "mod" chip installed I'll send some copy games. super cheap!

I want to get Big Brain Aca. but haven't been to the games market recently. I'll prolly pick up Manhunt2, Need for Speed, and Guitar Hero when they are released for Wii.

best games to get regardless of the price:

1) Wii Sports. Jessie and I love this one. Play it all the time. (They are coming out with a game calles Wii Fit - looks wicked. I've heard Wii Play sucks.)

2) Blazing Angels. this is a WW2 pilot game. a shoot 'em up instead of a technically accurate simulator. graphics are not that great on some missions, but the adrenaline is wicked. very tense and fast action, but pretty easy to play. I really like this one. Jessie's completely uninterested in it.

3) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Killer game that proves fun games don't have to be violent or negative. really creative and fun to play.

3) Resident Evil. This is some scary shit - sometimes I can't even play it. Jessie leaves the room and closes the door because it freaks her out. But it's fun. You should check it out!

Some brief notes about others that are fun - but I don't know if you'd want to buy them or just rent them.

Wariowares: Smooth Moves. quite fun (but childish) mini-games that use the remote in cool ways. We both enjoy this one, but for some reason we don't seem to play it very often these days. (my coworker says Papermario is better...)

Excite Truck. not that realistic driving game. fun to play, but you can finish the game quite quickly. I think Need For Speed is supposed to be better, but I haven't bought it yet.

Trauma Center: Second opinion. This one is interesting - something totally new. you are a doctor and have to do surgery on patients with the remote. it's not for everyone, but I enjoy it once in a while. Not much "action" but fun to play once in a while.

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam. too cartoonish, not realistic enough. Basically, it's a skateboarding racing game. Would be a fun rental game.

Tiger Woods PGA 07: Ok, Tiger Woods games are always great, but keep in mind that you have to physically stand up and swing the club. Sometimes the Wii-remote isn't as accurate as it could be. You might want to wait for 2008 to see if they fix the problems.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard. Normally I love the first person shooters, but this one hasn't grabbed me. the controls are a bit clunky and it doesn't seem that new.

Fishing (sorry, I forget the name). Sucks. As boring as real fishing. I have no idea how to "win" this one.

Balcony Babe said...

Hey thanks for the advice Chris. The Wii sports game came with the console but I haven't cracked it open yet. I'll do that today and see how it goes. I also picked up Open Season but am not having much luck with the controls. I need to fine tune my motor skills I think. The early part of the game involves picking up the deer and throwing it at some nasty squirrels. So far I have thrown the deer over a cliff, at a tree and on a rock, but haven't hit any of the squirrels yet. I'll keep practicing.

Zelda looked interesting so I might pick it up once I've played these games for a while and am ready for a new challenge. Not too sure about trauma center. I saw the game in the store and was worried about the gore factor. Is it really gorry or is it more of a thinking game?

patricia said...

Don't hurt the deer, whatever you do!!

Chris said...

Trauma Center isn't gorey. It's animated with Japanese style animation. There's a simple storyline that is punctuated with surgery sessions. You select the "tools" and use the Wii remote to use them on the correct areas and at the right times. In some ways it's a bit boring, but in others it's a cool new take on what a game could be. I don't play it regularly, so I guess you should try it as a rental first.

In the future I'd like to get a ping pong game; maybe the one from rockstar games, if they adapt it for the Wii.

enjoy Wii sports. it's the game we play the most. Jessie's the queen of the Wii golf part of it. I'm into tennis. We both love the bowling. Boxing is a bit too tough (for me - Jessie's the champ) and baseball is a bit too "meh".