Monday, August 6, 2007

Name that vegetable

Newsflash: A bit of culinary magic took place in the home a local Kingston resident.
A nondescript vegetable was recently turned into a magical feast. Friends and neigbours marveled at the tasty combination of dried fruit, nuts and vegetables all harmoniously blended with a mouth-watering secret formula of sugar and spice.
Butter lovers rejoice! Yet another tasty treat to top with luscious fresh creamery butter. A perfect excuse to gorge in gluttonous glee. This recipe is a winner and with a bumper vegetable crop it is likely that this Kingston neighbourhood will see more of this tasty "yoaf" in the near future.


Chris said...

do you need an oven for this recipe? do you think my bread maker could manage?

Balcony Babe said...

Bread maker might work. I have tried making sweet breads in my machine and they taste pretty good but the texture is a little weird. You might try getting a toaster oven or counter top convection oven. They bake well and are great for late night snacks like nachos with melted cheese. MMMMMM cheese.

Chris said...

good suggestions - those types of things cost $100 to $300 depending if new or second hand. problem is my tiny kitchen doesn't really have space for another appliance - and I'm a bit reluctant to buy one more thing that I'll have to then re-sell or give away when I leave Seoul. ... hmmm, but then again - YOAF?!