Sunday, August 26, 2007


Have you ever had insomnia? I sometimes get it for a few nights in a row and spend many sleepless hours tossing around in bed, looking at the clock and listening to all the night sounds that go on in my neighbourhood. The next day I drag my tired self through the workday and walk around like a zombie drinking buckets of coffee. Loading up on water sometimes perks up the body but only for a short while. Then all of a sudden one night you reach your limit and fall asleep on the couch. After a few hours you drag yourself to bed and sleep without moving until the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Then you hit the snooze button and get nine minutes of the deepest sleep you've ever had. I love the nine minute snooze sleep. Insomnia over - back to your normal routine. Life is great when you are well rested.

Life is even better when the weekend comes and you can take siestas in the afternoon.


patricia said...

Happy weekend, Babe. I hope your siestas are in your hammock. Re: insomnia - a pot of yoghurt just before bed works better than a sleeping pill - and tastes decidedly better than the 'old wives' remedy of warm milk!

Chris said...

Insomnia can be frustrating - and the sleep "hang-over" at work the next day is terrible. I hate that grumpy, tired, foggy feeling. Have you tried a sleeping pill to help drift off?

Chris said...

Hilly, I'm BORED at work! Please hurry up and write another blog post~!

Balcony Babe said...

Hey Chris,
The long weekend is finally here so I'll write a few posts. Thanks for checking in from time to time. Do you guys get a long weekend holiday in Korea?

The Wii is eating up lots of my time. I was bowling today. Addictive and fun!

Chris said...

hi Hilly - it's not a long weekend here. :( I worked this weekend (which means I did it last minute on Sunday night).