Monday, August 6, 2007

Riches of a water thief

Thank you for your nonjudgmental comments about my water thievery. Frankly, I was worried that someone would attempt to "educate" me on the merits of being a good citizen. Since I was never one who took well to learnin', it is a relief that you did not try to edumacate me.
In an effort to share the spoils of my crime, I am publishing some of the "best of class" photos from my recent gardening foray. Hope this inspires you to go out and buy a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten your home. If not, then maybe you too can be a "thief" and pick some from the local park. I'm sure they won't mind. Honest.
Don't call me from jail. I won't bail you out.


patricia said...

I remember a plan of oh so long ago, when the babe had no balcony but did have an ardent desire to begin producing cards for sale in a gift shop. These flower photos are absolutely perfect for her cards. Splendid! Can you email them back in time to that former incarnation of the babe?

Chris said...

beautiful - thanks for the pictures!