Friday, July 11, 2008

The Beer Runners

I finally chose a half marathon to enter this fall. I have been attending the clinic at the running room, but hadn't decided which race I really wanted to do. Now the decision is made.

I have entered the ArmyRun half marathon which is being held in Ottawa on 21 Sept. I entered as an individual, but today I managed to find enough friends at work who were interested in it that we are going to form a team. Our team name is "CFJSR Beer Runners".

I think it is quite catchy and is very logical since there is no real reason to run unless there is beer at the end of the race. lol

Only 72 training days left. If you would like to check out the website go to



patricia said...

Good news! I would love to join in as a half-marathon walker! But I would have to be called team 'wine walker' rather than 'beer runner'

Balcony Babe said...

You're hired. Lace up your walking shoes and fill the wine skin. It's race time.

chrisrawk said...

:) that's a great personal challenge. I know you'll have a great time kicking ass (and drinking beer) in Ottawa!

Have you thought about taking some sports coaching or physio classes online? I think you'd make a great coach or trainer.

Balcony Babe said...

Thanks for the cheer from Seoul. The running room clinic gives short lessons on training and coaching. I went tonight and we talked about nutrition and hydration. The nutrition talk was pretty funny because the nutritionist had a bunch of rubber food to show us what portion sizes looked like. For some reason she didn't have any rubber hamburgers or fries. Hmmm maybe she was trying to tell us something.

chrisrawk said...

running room is a great way to get the skills that will put you on the tall step of the medal podium.

I meant doing an online degree - I think that kind of a career would be a good fit for you in the future. The intelligent, motivated professional trainer who can be drill instructor when you need her to be ... what athelete wouldn't pay for that kind of help?

chrisrawk said...

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being "sucks-ville" and 10 being "better than chocolate", how would you rate your experience of writing this blog?

Jessie and I are thinking of starting a "moving to Canada" type blog to share our experiences with others who might be in the same situation. But, do you find it a real hassle?

patricia said...

She brought a bottle of oil to the walking course I did through the Running Room years ago. It represented the average fat consumed in a day by each of us there. It was really gross and then she suggested having some toast with all that oil poured onto it. Shudder! But however hard I tried I could not shake my addiction to butter:)