Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still condo hunting

I did a second viewing on a condo in Ottawa today.

The first time I viewed it I had two concerns. The kitchen was WAY too small and the unit was too dark. After seeing it today both of these concerns have been laid to rest.

The rooms have a lot of pot lights and with some paint and the strategic use of lamps the condo will be bright enough. (I will have to buy more lamps but since shopping is my specialty this won't be hard). The kitchen can be moved to a different area on the same floor. The cupboards can be reused and the utilities can be run through the garage which is right underneath the floorspace. A couple of new countertops to fit the new layout and I'll be in business.

The location is better than the last place that I was interested in. Only a 10 minute walk to work and it is all through a safe neighbourhood.

I put in an offer today and hope to hear back tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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patricia said...

Does the new place come with twin skunks, like the photo beside your profile?