Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend garden

If you click on the top photo you can see a little bee doing what bees do best.


patricia said...

You will have to arrange witth the new owner that she allows you accesss to the garden every time you come back to Kingston for a visit in the next few years. This beautiful garden you have created will only keep on growing and delighting you. I still drive along Apache Crescent about once every two years, just for a peek:)

Balcony Babe said...

I understand how a person can feel sentimental for a place when you put so much love and work into making it feel like home. Unfortunately, I won't be coming back after I sell. While I will be back in Kingston from time to time, I think that keeping ties to a place that you can't return to is a waste of energy. At this point it is better for me to just move on and make a home somewhere else. Someday I'll retire stop moving around, but in the meantime it is impossible to keep a foot in each place that I've been. Too many places, not enough feet. lol