Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TV free

I am "TV free" now. I cancelled my TV subscription a month ago and it took effect today.

Interestingly, the "free TV" channels are still available on my satellite receiver so I still have TV shows to watch. The free TV is higher quality than the junk that I was watching before. I just finished watching a TV show on whales and am now watching a show on artist Alex Colville. The whale show made me wish that I was by the ocean right now, smelling the sea air and listening to the movement of the water.

It has been a long time since I have spent a long time without TV. I am excited about not having all those wasted hours hanging over my head. I have a bunch of books to read and some paintings to paint and some time to spend in the garden before the house is sold.

For lunch today I ate a large dish of strawberries that ripened in my garden. Divine.


patricia said...

Enjoy the magic - and eat some strawbs for me ... In fact, eat all of them before you move!

chrisrawk said...

if you ever miss TV, you can enjoy some online documentaries here:


Balcony Babe said...

Thanks for the link. I've been enjoying some free TV at the CTV website too. It is actually nice to watch my shows when I feel like watching, and not when the station decides to put them on.

Bell made me angry again. They canceled the signal, as I asked, but they billed me for another month. I phoned to complain and they told me the same old crap story that they always give out.

If Bell offered good customer service then I wouldn't be looking at the services offered by the other companies.

patricia said...

Someone we know named Eric the Red has finally paid out/cancelled his cellphone contract with Bell. They seemed to be charging him huge amounts of money monthly for very little service. If I remember correctly he is now into "Virgin"s

chrisrawk said...

Telus is no better. We signed up; waited 2 weeks for the TV dude to show up, only to hear that he couldn't hook us up. He cancelled our order, but Telus sent us a $40 bill anyway. I complained, and they cancelled the charges - and then issued me a "refund" cheque for $26 for service we never got and a bill we never paid. Ch-ching! I should sign up to Telus every month!

Shaw is overpriced. It seems the company knows their prices are too high, even with their constant discount promotions for 6 months free. To get the Shaw HD TV service they make you buy a $300 box - can you believe that? You have to buy the fancy TV to see the HD, then the cable provider sticks in the knife with a $300 clunker that's already obsolete (*and can't be re-sold to others).

Sadly, Shaw is our only option for cable and internet...