Monday, August 3, 2009

National Research Council of Canada

This building is located at 100 Sussex Dr and despite the construction blocking the front entrance, I was interested enough to stop and investigate. The exhibit outside the building was informative. It stated that the National Research Council of Canada was founded in 1916 as an advisor to government. Since then the NRC has generated an impressive record of scientific and industrial support. The NRC has spawned numerous laboratories and service points,locally and nationally - including Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd and the Canadian Space Agency.

The Sussex Dr. laboratory (shown in the photo) was named the "Temple of Science" when it opened in 1932. The neo-classical design is a tribute to the 18th century, when the foundations of modern science were laid.

Among many achievements, the NRC's engagement in these scientific areas interested me the most:

* National Building Code of Canada, National Energy Code, National Fire Code, National Plumbing Code & National Farm Building Code. -> These codes ensure the safety and integrity of Canada's Built Environment.

* Canola - 1950's crop researchers and scientists worked to reduce Canada's reliance on wheat. They transformed rapeseed (non-edible) into an edible oil called Canola (Canadian oil low acid)

* Olympic Gold - NRC scientists fine tune athletic gear and performance. NRC wind tunnels have been used to assess the aerodynamics of sports equipment - such as cycles, sleds, helmets & suits - and the positioning of athlete's shoulders and legs.

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