Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday cook off

Saturday morning we pried ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn and made our way to the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Ottawa. We were privileged to sit in on a demonstration of Thai cooking from one of the chefs. I really enjoyed the demo since he talked about some ingredients that I haven't used before and told us how to prepare them. The chef demonstrated four recipes and then we all had a very small taste of each. All very good, but the soup was so exceptionally good that I am going to make it my life's work to master the recipe. Delicious!

Later in the day CP met a friend of his for a chat and I agreed to meet him in a nearby coffee shop. Much to my surprise, CP brought his friend to meet me and I was pleased to say hi.

CP and I then bought a few ingredients for a night of cooking. We tried two new recipes from my curry cookbook. There was much cooking followed by much reducing of liquid. Both recipes were a little on the HOT side, thanks to me, and a little undersalted. Otherwise, not bad. Which is good since I have leftovers in the fridge for the next few days. Actually a handy bottle of mango chutney helped A LOT.

After our busy day in the kitchen it was movie night at home and then bed.

This morning we again got up at the crack of dawn, or more accurately the crack of thunder. It was raining like stink, but we dodged the raindrops to do a bike ride along the canal and around Dow's Lake which is a man made lake in the center of Ottawa. Along the way we had the pleasure of seeing how the locks operate while we watched four boats move from the lake to a higher portion of the canal enroute to Kingston. It was very interesting to watch.

Being Sunday, we followed our bike ride up with a tasty Brunch. Delicious little savory entrees and the most amazing french toast I've ever eaten. It was made with artisan bread, likely coated with cinnamon egg mixture - light on the egg. Cooked to perfection and served with dried cherries, cashews and whipped cream. Divine. Anyone who comes to visit Ottawa will be treated to the same meal, courtesy of yours truly.

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patricia said...

Count me in!! CP has been talking about how much he enjoyed the cooking demo and also how much he learned at it. I will send you a salute when he actually cooks something;)