Friday, July 31, 2009

CP never runs out of energy

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon picking up lumber supplies at Rona and then thought that we would make a *quick* trip to the Gatineau tourist information center to get cycling information. The quick trip wasn't so quick and we ended up driving north, south, east and west as well as many compass directions in between.

After successfully finding the tourist center aka the "?" center, we went away empty handed, except for one useful suggestion. The service person suggested that CP should purchase a specific book and she sent us to the local "gallerie" (mall) to find the book in the "librarie" (book store). After swinging by the Laura Secord store for milkshakes only to find out that they were out of milk, we went to the librarie to find out that they didn't have the book.

In desolation, we drove home over a bridge that has more patches on it that Grandmother's quilt. After parking the car in the garage and eating dinner, we set out on foot for ice cream. We made it to the Byward Market and successfully found "Le Book" in the market's french language book store. Then we had some terrific ice cream and headed for home.

On the way home, the sun was setting and the view was gorgeous so we stopped by Parliament to get a view over the Ottawa River to Gatineau. Then instead of heading home like sensible people, we sat down on bleachers and waited for the National Capital Commission's Light Show on Parliament. The people watching was much better than the light show, but we can tick off that one activity from our to do list. The light show is now on our never do again list, sad to say.

Following the show, an attack of the munchies hit us and we made our way to the bottom of Elgin street and ate Mexican food. Delicious! The sangria and cervecas were pretty good to. Home late, but satisfied with our evening.


patricia said...

Mike Holmes and I were wondering how carefully you have checked the references of this aging kitchen reno man' who we have learned intends to fly by night to another province before the work is complete;)

Balcony Babe said...

"Fly by night" seems accurate since he just boarded a plane out of the province.