Sunday, July 26, 2009

Distance Learning Courses

The two courses that I registered in are due to start in a week. I have been diligently preparing for one of them by reading ahead and writing the first assignment.

The second course was a mystery to me since I received three text books and a reading file, but did not receive a study guide. I naively assumed that the professor was going to contact me prior to the course start date with information about the weekly schedule.

However, this evening I discovered that the university has a web page for the course and it lists a study guide, reading file and four text books as requirements for the course. Since I am missing two items I emailed the materials management department to try to obtain the resources. I am sure that they will be sent to me promptly but I am a little dismayed that I could have completed some of the course work ahead of time if I had known about the webpage.

This experience has been a good lesson for the future. Never assume anything and always search the web for answers instead of waiting for humans to supply them. (This education thing is working - I feel smarter already. lol)


chrisrawk said...

I had the same problem with SFU distance learning when I was in Korea.

Eric said...

Dear BB,

When did You change the look of Your blog? I think it looks great but very different from the previous look. Also is the building in the upper left corner Your new home?

Balcony Babe said...

Eric, I changed the look of the blog a few days ago. I wanted more white space so that the blog posts would be more compact on the screen. The picture is generic but I will customize it at some unknown date in the future. Maybe. lol