Monday, July 13, 2009

First day of work

Well, I survived the first day of work in the new job. The people are really nice and they were very welcoming.

The only stumbling block to success in this position is that I don't have the skill set needed to be really useful. They recognize that anyone put in this position will need training but it will be difficult since they don't have an internal training package or any outside courses lined up.

I think that I will have to spend a lot of personal time learning from free courses on the internet. It is not my preferred way to do things, since I am inherently lazy and do not like spending my personal time reading tech websites. Still, it has to be done, so I might as well do it in internet cafes around the city. I'll try out as many cafes as I can find and will give you a tourist summary of the best.



chrisrawk said...

sounds like the perfect excuse to get a sexy HP netbook (then claim it as a work expense on your tax return).

Balcony Babe said...

We're thinking the same thoughts. I just bought a little Dell mini and I love it. Much more portable than my old laptop.

The old laptop is now in use in my living room. The old desktop is in use in my "office". The mini is in use everywhere. lol

patricia said...

Make sure that those internet cafes have really good coffee and good muffins!

Eric said...

Hey BB, if You are getting into the travellers advice end of things with Your studies why not connect with Ottawa's tourism authority and see if You can profit from it. Earn while You learn and get hopefully good coffee to boot.