Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Dear Canada,
Happy Birthday to you. I am going to tie a little Canada flag to the tree in front of my house in celebration.

Wishing you peace and freedom this year.


patricia said...

I have placed 20 Canadian flags out - one at the end of each driveway in our complex. And I am taking some to the fireworks tonight in the river valley for myself and the two friends I shall meet there. I also have a handful of red glow sticks for us to wave around. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Eric said...

Happy Canada Day BB!! I am also moving and my last day at the old place is July 27 at 1430. It is official now. I hope Your move goes smoother than mine will!!

patricia said...

As we walked to the viewing of the fireworks last evening about 10:30pm, clutching and waving our Canadian flags, we passed a huge pile of used hockey sticks dumped on the front lawn of a frat house. I sure was tempted to snaffle one and tie my flag to it but ... wisdom prevailed:)It is a good idea though, Canuck!

Balcony Babe said...

Hello Eric,
The key to a good move is to organize as much as possible in advance. Also, edit as much as possible.

Sort your stuff by date. If you haven't used it in "X" amount of time then get rid of it. The "X" will depend on what the item is.

For example: Christmas decorations are only used once a year. So... if you haven't used them for two years then get rid of them. Cutlery is used daily. If you haven't used it in 60 days then get rid of it. Bedding is used weekly. If you haven't used it in four months then get rid of it.

Books are read periodically. If you haven't read them this year, then get rid of them. Most old titles are available in used book stores so you can pick up another copy of the book for next to nothing if you decide you want to read it in the future. Also, there are tons of books available free on the internet so you can rotate your print library and access on-line books anytime. And they don't take up any space.

Anything that was a gift from someone else can be given away if you have never used it. Don't worry, your family won't even notice that it is gone. They probably forgot that they gave you the item in the first place.

The whole point of sorting and editing your belongings is to end up in your new place surrounded by things that you LOVE, not things that are excess baggage dragging your energy levels down.

Everytime you look at your pile of belongings and think to yourself "I should sort/clean/organize that pile" then you are wasting energy that you could be using to think of something that you REALLY LOVE to do.

One more piece of advice.... don't do all the decluttering in one session. Set aside one hour at a time and do little bits. Start with one closet. Then do one bookshelf. Open a couple of boxes that haven't been opened for a while. Etc.

Trust me, it feels really good to get the job finished little by little. Hope this advice works for you.

Balcony Babe said...

Hi Patricia,
I'm glad that you had a good Canada Day celebration with your friends. It's probably a good thing that you left the hockey sticks where you found them. It is a crime to mess with a man's stick, at least according to my manly friends. Hmmmm The hockey loving male is a strange type of creature, isn't he?