Monday, July 20, 2009

Relocation week

This week is my relocation week. My employer has provided five days to complete my relocation process and "put my house in order". The list of tasks is very long and I have a lot of work to do but I am grateful to have the time to get everything accomplished.

Today's list includes:
1. Phone Bell customer service and complain about being overbilled - done. Spoke with a representative who gave me some crap excuses and then told me that he was working in the Phillipines

2. Make appointment to have furnace and water heater serviced - done. The tech will be here tomorrow

3. Insurance - send photos of the exterior of my condo to the insurance agent - done. BTW the exterior is clad in brick, stucko and siding. I wish them luck working out the percentages for the replacement cost estimate.

4. Change address with alumni association - done.

5. Register for cooking classes at le Cordon Bleu cooking school. I sent an application but am waiting to hear if there is space available in class. The two classes that I am interested in are 3 hour demo sessions. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get in.

6. Organize paperwork accumulated from the move. The moving company killed a few trees with all their checklists, etc. Most are going in the shred pile.

7. Submit a claim to the moving company for two items that were broken during the unpack process - done.

8. Change address at Dept of Motor Vehicles - done.

9. 17 fling boogie - fill a bag with things that can be tossed during garbage collection day tomorrow - pending.


patricia said...

What Cordon Bleu demos are you enrolling in?

Eric said...

Dear BB,

Sounds like you have much to do. I am waiting on the Land Titles office to finish its work. I am supposed to be taking possession on Monday but there will be a Land Titles delay.

Balcony Babe said...

I enrolled myself and Cycling Potato in a Thai cooking demo for this Saturday. I also enrolled in a Soups class and a Sauces class. I have been experimenting with making my own sauces, not from scratch but would benefit from some pointers from the pros.

I have high hopes for the Thai demo and hope that you ask the spud chef to whip something up for you when he gets home. lol