Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday bike day - view of Quebec

As I mentioned last week, Sunday mornings are when the cyclists take to the streets of Ottawa. This morning I tried a different route and followed Sussex drive to Rockcliffe Parkway. There are a lot of interesting places along Sussex and many of them have policemen guarding the gates. Along the route I took a picture from the top of one overpass looking down on the bridge to Quebec. Later in the trip I stopped along the Rockcliffe Parkway and snapped a quick photo of the Quebec side of the river. It was raining quite hard so I didn't spend too much time out. Maybe an hour at most. The route was beautiful, though, so I'll definitely be back on a sunny day.


patricia said...

Perhaps you will ride across the bridge with the Cycling Spud so he can dip his toe into the next province along his route?

Balcony Babe said...

We're starting our Quebec journey with some cheese purchased in the Byward Market and we will pair it with some wine we bought today.

Later in the week we will do some cycling and make the trek across to the Quebec side. For some reason he isn't keen to get on his bike at the crack of dawn each day. Hmmm