Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Babe is back in Kingston

Hi folks,
I'm back in Kingston for a couple of weeks. Sorry that I couldn't post while traveling. The filters on the computers that I had access to wouldn't let me sign into my account. Anyway, had a long and tiring trip but it is good to be back home again. My goal today is to scrounge up some food and get caught up on my sleep. I'll email everyone as soon as I can to get caught up on the news.
Don't try to phone, though. My phone is seasonally disconnected for six months so I am in-communicado, as they say.

Right now I am going to go outside to shovel the drive and then I'll pop over to the grocery store for some staples and treats. Talk to you again soon.


patricia said...

Welcome home!! This is excellent news and Kingston is a much better "K" word than the one I was worried about! Happy shovelling, enjoy the chance to eat what you want when you want, and lastly, happy R&R from all of us

patricia said...

Don't forget to shovel your balcony, Babe