Thursday, January 3, 2008

Canada night at the gym

The workout felt good today. By doing two exercises back to back I eliminated most of the sitting around between sets. This helps me get more exercise in the alloted time. It also helps keep me warm. The gym does not have a heating system so when there are lots of people it warms up but the rest of the time it is only ten degrees above zero.

Tonight was Canadian night in the weight room. The Brits dominated in the cardio room but almost none of them came into the weight room. There were three Cdns there, all doing our own thing. One of them is there every day but the other one is sporadic. Mostly we ignore each other except for a little hello but it is nice to have a buddy there so the place doesn't feel lonely. Working out is starting to be something that I look forward to each day. Tomorrow I won't be able to do it because we'll be working late, but I'll get back at it the day after.

3 sets of each of the following:

forward lunge 12/leg
O bar + 15 kg X 12

full situp 25
incline bp 15 kg db X 10 X 2 sets & 10 kg X 12 X 1 set

jack knife on bench 20
1 arm db row 10 kg X 12

tricep dips 15

leg lift 20
bicep curl 7.5 kg X 10/side

med ball twist 20
crunch 20

dead bugs 20
squat press (med ball) 20

2 sets of these:
crunch twist 20
crunch 15

Total body stretch.

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patricia said...

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