Monday, January 14, 2008

Fitness ideas

Check out this website for some great workout ideas.

All you do is register and create a profile for yourself. Then you decide what your fitness goals are ex: weight loss, strength training, etc

Next you state what fitness equipment you have available. If all you have is a stability ball, set of dumbbells, and a skipping rope then put in that information.

The program will come up with a variety of workouts that you can do with your equipment to meet your fitness goal. If you see any exercises there that you don't want to do then make a substitution. For example, my friend had "donkey calf raises" listed on his exercise plan and he decided to substitute regular calf raises. (Once you see the picture of the "donkey" variety you'll see why he made this decision.)

Overall, though, the exercise routines have good variety and this might be a great way to get through a plateau or even to start your 2008 fitness routine. Good luck everyone.

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