Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back at Lemoine Point

I went for a long walk at my favorite park Lemoine Point. There were lots of people out walking their dogs, a few cross country skiers and one couple pulling their little kid in a sled. It was really refreshing to be out, even though it was cold and there were a few snow flakes coming down. I missed walking while I was away and plan to spend as much time in the park as I can before I go back. Winter isn't so bad when you are bundled up and keep moving to prevent the cold from taking hold.

The only thing that I objected to today was the sight of a woman who had put her two dogs in little dog coats. I don't mind dog coats, per se, but these ones were knitted with polka dots and had little half triangle points down the back as if the dogs were supposed to be dragons or something. It was very sad. Let dogs be dogs, I say!

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patricia said...

Tango and Anna would agree