Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Sea

Patricia recommended a great site with lots of information from the Heart and Stroke foundation. The health information helps break through the myths that are out there on the internet and the website also has some great looking recipes. Try clicking on this link to see more: Heart Disease, Stroke and Healthy Living

Repeated a prior workout and felt some discomfort from doing the same routine after a long week. 3 sets of each:

situps 50
lunge 20/leg

O bar + 17.5 kg 12 reps
O bar + 17.5 kg 10 reps
O bar + 17.5 kg 6 reps & + 15 kg 6 reps
squats 25

1 arm db row 10 kg 15
bench vsit 25

med ball twist 25
crunch 25

The Christmas boxes arrived today. They are a couple of weeks late but the thoughtfulness of the people who sent them is much appreciated. Unfortunately they are loaded with junk food so I ditched most of the goodies in the common area for the others. Why are Christmas treats always so bad for you? Isn't there anything healthy out there that we can give each other?

Anyway, I am reading a new book tonight. It is called The Sea by John Banville. Haven't gotten very far yet but I'll let you know how it goes.


patricia said...

I skated 10 km in the sunshine at Hawrelak Park yesterday and will do the same again today so I feel justified in having eaten half a package of stem ginger cookies (and will finish them today, of course)!

Balcony Babe said...

Hi Patricia, I was all excited when I saw your posts because I thought you might have skated 30 km. Now that would have been worth several packs of ginger cookies and some chocolate covered gingers too! Tis the season for sweets so please have several for me. I'll have some for you too and we'll call it even. :)

patricia said...

It's a deal!!