Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First workout of 2008

Did a little bit of everything tonight since it is the start of the new year. Had lots of energy and enthusiasm. Mixed in some single exercises with supersets and followed it with some cardio.

Olympic bar + 15 kg X 12 reps X 3 sets
squats X 25 X 2 sets

incline bench press 15 kg db X 12 reps X 2 sets & 10 kg db X 12 reps X 1 set
squats X 25 X 2 sets

3 sets of each of the following:
1 arm db row 10 kg X 12/arm
leg lifts 25

Vsit with med ball twist 25
squat push press 7.5 kg db X 12

bicep curl 7.5 kg X 12/arm
dead bugs (abs) 25

bent over hamstring stretch 5 kg db X 15

supermans 25 (felt tense in lower back)
cat stretch

Treadmill 3.5 km in 18 minutes. Legs were stiff but I enjoyed the run.

Overall it was a good workout. Had lots of energy and was able to increase weights. Also incorporated some back exercises which I have been neglecting lately. Not a bad start to the year.

Injuries: none
Nutrition: good. Multivitamins and four food groups. No junk food today.


patricia said...

It was fabulous to hear your voice early this morning! You must be very good at your job because the connection sounded as if you were in the next room. Thank you for calling - please call again! By the way we forgot to tell you that we have tickets for 3 weeks in Portugal in April/May (more details available if you want). Come join us if you can!

Balcony Babe said...

Good to talk to you to. Wish it could have been longer (and perhaps later in the morning for you). Sorry for waking you up.

I hope you have a great trip in Portugal. I can't go at that time but if you post to your blog I'll follow along. It's free and easy to set up. Go ahead. I dare you.
Your blogging pal.