Friday, January 11, 2008

Increased weight in bench press

Had a good workout today. Increased the weight I lift in the bench press. I think that my plateau was a psychological barrier, not a muscle barrier. Next time I'll use the higher weight for all three sets. Also had a really good burn in the abs. I'm feeling remarkably relaxed today. Spent most of the day out in the sunshine so I think that accounts for the good mood. It was cold but not as cold as North America, by no means.

3 sets of each of the following:
situps 50
lunge 20/leg

O bar + 15 kg 12 reps X 2 sets
O bar + 17.5 kg 7 reps & + 15 kg 5 reps
squats 25

1 arm dumbbell row 20 kg 15/arm

med ball twist 25
crunch 25

J complex 6 of each exercise 5 kg X 1 set & 4 kg X 2 sets

dead bugs 25
leg lifts 25

I've been slacking off on doing pushups but am making a promise to everyone (and mostly myself) to start doing them again. Perfect form every time - no more cheating. I'm going to start with 50 every day but because I'm slack and idle they will be broken into several sets until I hit the magic total every day. I keep hoping that I'll magically get better at them but it never works so I'm going to try a new approach - working out. It sounds far fetched, but I'm confident that doing lots of pushups will eventually result in being good at pushups.

This rant was for my benefit, not yours. I'm trying to convince myself that pushups are fun. If I say it enough times I might actually mean it.

Check out this link.
100 Pushups for Breakfast

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