Monday, February 25, 2008

Active recovery

Had a lot of sore muscles today because I changed my routine yesterday. Glutes, hamstrings and shoulders were telling me that I was not their favorite person today. To make it up to them I went for a mild bike ride of 60 minutes exactly with 29.6 km distance. Max heart rate 140 bpm and average hr 135 bpm. Well within a safe zone. Drank a bottle of water during workout.

I liked yesterday's workout, though, and I'll do it again on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will be out of the camp from noon until 9PM or so and won't get my workout done. I'll use it as my rest day this week.

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patricia said...

Skated another 10 kliks today in brilliant sunshine. It was so warm in the sun that small areas of the ice surface were melted. Does this distance qualify me for twelve more pieces of birthday cake with cream cheese and white chocolate icing? NO?? OK - I will just have ten pieces.