Sunday, February 24, 2008

New weight routine

On the way back from my trip I bought the Men's Health 2008 guide for inspiration. It serves my purpose better than the women's guide because it focuses on building strength and endurance vs. toning. Tonight I pulled some exercises out of the magazine and tried them out. It was time to shake up the old routine that I was doing and bring some life back into my workout.

Here's the routine. 3 sets of each ex:

squat push press 7.5 kg db X 12
leg lifts 15

romanian deadlift 7.5 kg db X 12
single leg squat X 10 per leg

J complex (from the website) 4 kg db X 6 of each exercise
crunch X 25

glute bridge march X 12/side
dumbbell calf raise 4 kg X 15

rotator cuff 3 kg db X 15/side
crunch side 15

dead bugs (abs) 25
stretch - total body

Right now my shoulders and legs are sore. I can also feel the workout in my back which is good since usually I don't feel like it was exercised. I'm curious to see how I feel tomorrow. Drank lots of water today and ate three well balanced meals. Energy is good and spirits are good.

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