Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arrived safely

Hi. I arrived safely at my final destination but my luggage decided to stay in Toronto for an extra night. It should arrive sometime, perhaps. I'm quite jet lagged but otherwise ok. Just so you know, my hotmail account isn't working. I'll try to find out why but until then my work email account is still active if you need to contact me.


patricia said...

What a happy valentine for us to hear that you have arrived safely! We can only hope that your luggage will come soon too.

Balcony Babe said...

Thanks for the valentine's message. I saved your bouquet as my background image and the flowers look just as fresh as the day they arrived. lol Hope you are having some cinnamon hearts today and other good things.

patricia said...

Cycling Spud gave me both cinnamon hearts and a box of chocolates! The chocolates are all gone because, starting on Valentine's, we have applied six gallons of paint to the basement rooms and still have one small, windowless room to 'second-coat' tomorrow. Whew! One needs chocolates to fuel the work! The Spud is a great painter and he also works cheap (his words!). The colour? It is called 'powdered snow' which is quite funny. If the snow actually fell this rich cream colour it would certainly indicate that we have extremely serious pollution. It certainly has lightened up a bungalow basement!