Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back at er

Went to the gym tonight at 4:45 pm and boy did it ever feel good to do a workout again. I went on the treadmill for 3 miles (5 km) in 26:45 min. Started really slow because I wasn't sure if the altitude would affect me and didn't want to stress my post-holiday muscles too much. Started feeling really good half way through the workout so I put the speed up and finished much faster than I started. Afterwards I hopped on the stationary bike for 30 min. Just a slow ride to loosen up the muscles a bit.

I'm still jet lagged from the trip but am putting in full work days and then some. My luggage has been located but hasn't arrived yet. Also, winter is taking its toll. The women's toilet room has frozen pipes and I have been sharing the men's. Luckily they have lots of stalls. The showers are working ok. The women's is hotter and cleaner but when I'm not in there some of the guys go use it. Things are working out ok here and we are all in a rhythm that seems to work. The new people will start arriving in the next couple of weeks and I hope they are relaxed when they show up.

That's it for tonight. I'm really tired and I'm going to hit the sack. Talk to you again tomorrow.

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