Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Parsnip fries for dinner

Had an interesting side dish for dinner tonight. The cooks shredded parsnips and baked them up like little french fries. They tasted really good - crunchy and sweet.

In the gym I finally got back into the weight room and had a good workout. My weights were a little lower than before because I haven't done a proper workout for so long but I don't think it will take long to get back at it. 3 sets of each

squats 25
O bar 10 (warmup)
O bar + 10 kg X 12
O bar + 15 kg X 12 X 2 sets

lunge (forward) 12/leg
flat bench dumbbell press 15 kg X 12; 12.5 kg X 12 X 2 sets

lunge (side) 12/leg
1 arm db row 10 kg X 12

leg raises 25
upright row 7 kg db X 12

Vsit with med ball twist 25/side
4 pt shoulder press 5kg db X 12

full situps 30

My legs are a little sore from doing cardio and now lunges and squats. The rest of me is ok though. I was a little winded towards the end of my workout which was ok because I was trying to get my heart rate up. Only three months to go to get back in shape for summer vacation. I think I can do it now that I don't have any distractions.


patricia said...

I absolutely LOVE parsnips done that way and I would find them a real distraction (avoir du poids)

Balcony Babe said...

The parsnips were delish. They have been serving a lot of winter vegetables lately like carrots and parsnips. We also get a lot of cauliflower here and green beans. It'll be good to get home and have some variety.