Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monopoly World Edition

The Monopoly game is creating a World Edition and is asking for our votes to choose which cities will be included on the new game board. So far there are three Canadian cities in the top twenty but they need your votes to stay there. The 3 cities are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Check the Leaderboard and cast your vote by visiting the website.

To continue the monopoly theme, last November Mike and Rob at the TwoWiseAcres Real Estate blog posted an article called 5 Lessons Monopoly Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing. This article has been a favorite around the blogosphere and there have been a lot of links to it from other bloggers. I am hugely impressed with the creativity that went into the article and am recommending it to all of you.

Happy reading and don't forget to VOTE.


chrisrawk said...

hi - I'll vote for To and Van

how's your weekend going?

Balcony Babe said...

Thanks for voting. Tell your friends and get them to vote too.

My weekend is good. How's yours?