Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flood fixed

Well the custodians fixed the flood in the gym and all of us gym rats were allowed back inside. Unfortunately it became flooded with Brits who hogged all the good equipment so I modified my workout and had a good burn. 3 sets

Vsit with med ball twist X 25
squat push press w/ med ball X 25

crunch X 25
forward lunge w/ 5 kg db X 12/leg

bench dips X 15
1 arm db row 7.5 kg X 15

Vsit on bench 15

bench press O bar + 5 kg/side X 15, 11, 8

upright row 7.5 kg db X 12

military press 5 kg db X 12

Cardio - stair master for 20 min

Had a good burn by the time I was finished. Drank a full bottle of water during the workout. My legs are tired but I have lots of energy.

We went to a Thai restaurant tonight as a going away party for the guys I work with. They'll all be heading home in the next couple of weeks and the new crew will show up. They're pretty happy and the Thai food was good. I'm full of rice right now and have a happy carb glow.


patricia said...

Is it the Brits or the Canucks who are leaving? How many are left with your start/end date?

patricia said...

Tell those Brits when they are hogging the equipment that because you are fully entitled to a British passport through your grandfather, you should also have first choice of equipment.