Thursday, February 28, 2008


I miss the gym but long work days have prevented me from going. I'm not sure what tomorrow brings but am hoping to get back to my workouts.

On the good side it is warm here now.


patricia said...

I am happy to hear that it is warmer now. Enjoy tomorrow whatever it brings because you will not get to (or have to) repeat it for another four years. Cycling Spud rode to Devon and back today - the first of the season. He is smiling!

chrisrawk said...

sounds like you need a day off~ hope it comes soon!!

hey, I have your address from the "Patchy" parcel. Is it OK if I send you a postcard or something?

Balcony Babe said...

I'm glad that cycling potato is back terrorizing the Alberta highways. Hope the wind is at his back the whole way. Maybe if I try hard enough at my workouts I can join him for a ride someday. I'll have to get off the stationary bike and onto a real one, though.

Balcony Babe said...

I'm glad that Patchy arrived. I thought it would be fun if he had English, French and Korean in his travel book when he goes back to that little school kid. Have you decided who you are going to send it to next?

The address on that parcel isn't my mailing address. I use a Canada Post address and anything shipped through DHL will probably be stopped at the front gate. Maybe when I get home in two months you can send me a parcel then. Maybe lots of parcels. My greedy gene will kick in once I'm back home. For now, though, please don't send anything. You do get bonus points for offering, though. lol

Is there anything I can send you? How about a camel spider in plastic. Or a pashmina scarf. No rugs, though, Cycling Potato already took care of those prizes.