Thursday, February 21, 2008

BBQ tonight - no PT

Tonight we are going for a BBQ at one of the sites we support. It is snowing out so I think that everyone will hang out inside the building all jammed together in a small space. It should be a good time. Because of the short time between finishing work and going out there will not be any PT today. I'll make up for it tomorrow, though.

There was a question about our outside temperatures. It has been cold for three months. The last two days it warmed up and was sunny but today it is below zero again and a wet snow is coming down. It isn't terribly cold but since we spend a lot of time outside I find that I need my long johns and coat on almost all day.

To get an idea what it is like, imagine having all the rooms of your house in separate buildings. The kitchen is in one building half way across camp. The bathroom another building down a long boardwalk. Your TV room and lounge is in a fourth room. Your bedroom is across the way from the TV room. Your gym is in the same building as the kitchen - far far away. Your mail room is on the other side of your little camp. You don't have a garage for your cars -they are outside of course. And last but not least your office is in a separate building again. All these places are relatively close together but when it is -10 degrees you really feel the cold when moving from place to place doing your normal activities. This isn't complaining - it is what it is. I'm just trying to give you a picture of life here in the wintertime.

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patricia said...

Your picture of the life in the camp in winter is appreciated. So I will not dwell on the 10 km I skated today in the sunshine and how hot it felt.