Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bosu video workout

The Bosu came with an exercise video and I decided to try it today. The workout will be quite familiar to anyone who has done aerobics and step workouts. The unstable dome of the bosu adds an extra challenge to the workout and it will take time to build up speed and agility.

This workout focused on control and balance. It is very different from the strength training workout that I did on Tuesday, but I think that doing this bosu workout twice a week will lead to visible improvement in a short amount of time.

The most challenging exercises for me were the core exercises where the hips were balanced in the top of the bosu and the remainder of the body was elevated into a plank position. This can be done in the forward and side positions. Very hard to do but would be a great exercise for toning the core.


patricia said...

Those Bosu's look like a great piece of equipment. I have never tried one. Today I walked and shopped in Lee Valley Tools, in Homesense/Winners, and in Safeway. All that exercise must have increased my muscles because the same wallet now feels much easier to lift:)

Balcony Babe said...

Shopping PT sounds like a great idea. I hope you found some nice treats in Safeway that perked you up a bit after that busy day. I am rapidly eating up all the perishable food in my house and it is forcing me to eat some food combinations that I would not usually choose. Yesterday was a caserole of ground beef, rice, california mix veg and some cream of chicken soup. I think that I should have saved the soup for a chicken dish, it was wasted on the beef. Oh well, better a home cooked meal than fast food.