Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Workout partner

The fitness challenge went out and it has been answered by Ultimate Fitness Fanatic Eric. Here's an old photo from 1987. I think I have some work to do to keep up with him. It's good to have a long distance workout partner and I invite more people to join us.

Today's workout was a robust routine that concentrated on the upper body. The Men's Health website had a good upper body routine which I tried and liked. The routine is featured in a video clip called "Javorek Complex". It consists of five arm and upper body workouts with a set of dumbbells. I had to downsize to 8 lb dumbbells because I found myself cheating on the bent over fly portion of the workout. It's my weakest area and I'll work on increasing the weight lifted while keeping perfect form.

Here was today's workout (I did three sets of each):
Warm up - Step ups 60, bosu vsits 20/side
Bench press (smith machine) 50 lbs X 12
Situps 30
Incline pushups 20
Forward lunge with 10 lb dumbbell 12/leg
Dead bugs (abs) 25
4 pt shoulder press on bosu with 10 lb dumbbell - 12
tricep pulldown - 20 lb X 20
bicep curl 15 lb dumbbell - 12/arm
rotator cuff 5 lb


patricia said...

What a handsome young devil!!

Balcony Babe said...

Hey ulitmate fitness fanatic. It sounds like you have a fan club. If you like, email me a picture of your recent workouts and I'll post it for your fans.