Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pain is weakness leaving your body

Sitrep: Today I am feeling the pain from yesterday's workout. My hamstrings and glutes are burning and I am feeling twinges in the shoulders when I move my arms around. My arms, chest, back and core are not sore at all so this tells me that they were not adequately exercised. I'll make ammends today.

Workout (yesterday):
07:30 - 08:00 circuit training - pushups, squats, leg raises, crunches, running laps in between sets.
08:00 - 08:40 light weight routine:
hamstrings - straight leg deadlift - 25 lb bar X 12 reps X 3 sets
quads, glutes - forward lunge w/ 10 lb dumbbell - 12/leg X 3 sets
pectorals, triceps - chest press - 15 lb db X 12 X 3
deltoids, trapezius - upright row - 25 lb bar X 12 X 3
deltoids - 4 point shoulder press - 10 lb db X 12 X 3

Nutrition: Yesterday was high in sugar and fat, with some healthy food mixed in between the snacks. Not enough water intake which is affecting me this morning.

weight 160 lb
injuries none


patricia said...

Wow! All I have to offer is another long walk in this beautiful fall weather. And this morning I did the vacuuming - does that count? So I guess I have no excuse for snacks. Instead I will balance on my ball this evening with a glass or two of red wine and try to control my blood pressure while I watch the silliness and stupidity that is the news of the world.

Balcony Babe said...

Walking outside sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day. I'm going to go for a walk this afternoon after I have a quick snack. It was supposed to rain today but the showers have held off so far.

I like your idea of a glass of red wine while balancing on a stability ball. Sounds like a great workout challenge. How many glasses can you drink before rolling over? lol

patricia said...

No rolling over for me or my wine, and that goes double when I am in my kayak!! I am heading out shortly for one of the last few 'floats'. I plan to go again tomorrow as well. Can't pass up the chance. Winter is too long!

Eric said...

Dear BB,

Have you thought of using miles as an intermediate goal?? Getting up to walking (or running 50 miles a week with part time walking -- no more than 2 hours a day) would be a great way to bring your pulse and blood pressure down. I know you are trying more for the strength type of fitness goals but try some cardio as well.