Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween book

Booooo Booo Boooo Booooo Booo Booooo Booooo Boo Boooooo
Where's the K? I'm waiting for the K.
Oh, here it is, at the end of Boo

This halloween I picked out some child-friendly peanut free mars bars for the kids. Being a bad neighbour, I also picked out some M&M peanut treats. After all, what would halloween be without peanut candy?????? Peanut the green wins my nomination for super hero.

One lucky kid gets an extra special halloween treat today. That kid gets a book instead of candy. What a lucky kid, you say. I think so too. Feed the mind instead of the body. Entertainment without a sugar spike and hyperactive behaviour. I guarantee you this, the kid won't appreciate it now but they'll always remember the halloween when they got a book in the loot bag.

The story book came in the candy box and I think I'll give it to the next door neighbour's kid. Actually, I'll give her and her brother a big handful of candy too. They're both cuties and their Mom won't mind if I stuff their loot bags. I'll give both of them a can of pop as well. Just to make their bags feel extra full.


patricia said...

Boo to you too from the person who has occasionally answered to the moniker "Peanut the Green"! I trust that you have followed the number one MOST IMPORTANT rule in choosing Halloween treats to give out at the door - namely, choose only your favourite flavours and hope like mad for lots of leftovers!! I hope to scare all the kids away with a toothless grin, haystack hair, a spider earring in one ear, and a web dangling from the other. BOO.O.O.O

Balcony Babe said...

Hey P,
Sounds like your costume will work like a charm. Sure you don't want to try dracula teeth, though? It could be fun. lol

Chris said...

Happy Halloween! I went as the Korean equivalent of the grim-reaper. Pretty scary!

Balcony Babe said...

That does sound pretty scary. Did you go to a party or anything?