Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rest day and then back to work

Yesterday was rest day, except for a short walk. Today was back to the routine with a couple of changes. (3 sets of each)

Warm up - plyometric side jumps off the step X 20/side
abs windshield wiper X 12/side
bench press (smith machine) 60 lb X 12
V-sit 20
Javorek complex 8 lb X 6 of each exercise (Moved this set to an earlier part of the routine and had much more success. The big muscles were not as fatigued.)
V-sit with medicine ball twist 20/side
good mornings with military press 18 lb X 12
squats 18 lb X 15
4 pt shoulder press on bosu 10 lb X 12
skull crusher 18 lb X 15
rotator cuff 8 lb X 10

Overall, much better workout. I'm still increasing the weights to the point where I am finally feeling a good workout. The ab exercises are progressing well, too. Drank lots of water today and feel good overall.


Chris said...

let's see some muscle pics!!

Chris said...

are you allowed to take personal items, like MP3 players or PSP (Play Station Portables) on your business trips? I'm asking concerning birthday present ideas ...

Balcony Babe said...

Hey Chris, I'll post a muscle pic, if you will. I'm still trying to get Er to send me a current one of him. That photo that I had of him was hanging on my wall of family pics for years. He was the first person who I knew who ever did weights. Yes, its true, me and all my friends were 98 lb weaklings. That's ok,though, I'm making up for it now. It takes a while to figure out a good exercise routine but I'm experimenting and will have a couple of good ones nailed down soon. Let me know if you have any ideas that I can try.
Cheers. BB