Sunday, October 28, 2007

Experimenting with core workouts

Today started with a walk at Lemoine Point and ended with a core workout. I started with a list of ten exercises and tried each in turn. There were some great results from some items on the list but not much effect from others. I'm not sure if it was poor form or too few reps. I'll keep experimenting and will nail down a killer core workout soon.

Here's the list of ten in the order that I performed them:
  • swiss ball forward roll out
  • front plank
  • side plank
  • hanging leg raise
  • lateral V-up on bosu
  • windshield wiper
  • leg raise on bosu
  • dead bugs
  • ass kicker (crunch with a punch)
  • V-sit with medicine ball twist
Keeping straight legs during some of the exercises was very challenging. I ended up moving to bent legs to prevent arching in my back. I'll keep working on these exercises and see how things shape up.

Phase two of core workouts is reducing fat. This will come in time as I ramp up my aerobic activity and reduce processed foods in my diet. One thing at a time though. Don't want to change too much all at once or the charm of living a healthy life will quickly wear off.

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